Boys: Winter Skills Training

Boys: Winter Skills Training

Location: Afrims Malta – 2381 US 9, Mechanicville, NY 12118
Dates: Sundays – January – 9, 16, 23, 30   February – 13, 20, 27
Times: Grades 3-6  9:00-10:30am,   Grades 7-12  10:30am-12:00pm
Grades: 3-12
Cost: $210

***Limited spots available, only 50 players per session. Last 6 years we sold out!!!***

Goalies:Brickwall2021″ – save $25.00
Siblings: “Bigbrother2021” – save $25.00


Typical Day:

Each clinic begins with an hour of skill development followed by a full field games in which players will have the opportunity to practice the skills taught. This year at the Afrims turf facility we have the ability to drive home skill development. We will have access to a huge wall ball area, and put players in an environment that will push fast-paced transition and unsettled situations. We are very excited about this new facility at Rogue and believe it will bring out the best in every player.

Players will be coached in shooting, passing, dodging, offensive and defensive techniques, as well as face-offs. Goalies will be given separate instruction to hone and enhance their specific skill sets.

At Rogue each player will learn the fundamental skills of the game from an experienced staff that includes current and former collegiate/professional lacrosse players. The entire Rogue team is committed to develop and enhance the potential of each player through positive instruction and game-like situations.



Coaching Staff:
Joshua Porcell – Former College Coach, Former Pro Player MLL, UMBC 07′
Tim Cox – Siena Assistant Coach, Former Pro-Player MLL, UAlbany 15′
Derrick Eccles – Siena Assistant Coach, UAlbany 16′
Connor Russell – St. Rose Assistant Coach, UAlbany 17′
Donny Shea – Skidmore Assistant Coach, Butler Grad’
Anthony Zabielski – RPI Assistant Coach, Springfield
Nick Testa – Villanova Grad, Niskayuna Grad – Goalie Coach
Mike Chambers – NCAA Champion at Lemoyne, Niskayuna Grad, Lemoyne Grad




How players will benefit?:

-Handling Pressure
-Stick Protection
-Increased Shot Accuracy
-Shot Variety
-Screen Shots
-Greater field awareness
-Greater understanding of pick and roll
-Generating space through picks
-Generating space with the body on and off ball
-Defending the Pick
-Dodging after contact
-Behind the back passing and shooting


Winter Skill Development: Hybrid Box

At Rogue we understand there is a need to introduce “Box Lacrosse” to young players in the area. In doing so we are going to bring a hybrid model to the area so players can learn the box game but also develop their field skills. Over 10 weeks, players will be introduced to 5 days of box lacrosse and 5 days of field lacrosse. This way goalies and long poles can still get great work in on field days, going into their regular spring season.


Why Box Lacrosse?

There has been an explosion of box lacrosse in the USA. We have seen more young men getting recruited out of Canada to play field then ever before. College coaches took notice after the 2006 Canadian Team beat USA for the first time in 30 years in the World Games. The Canadians were playing a different brand of lacrosse that translated well to the field game. Canada won the world games again in 2014.

So what are we getting in box lacrosse that we are missing in field? Pretty simple answer. In a confined field players are forced to create space, handle tighter passes, shoot at a smaller target and handle pressure from their opponent immediately. The end product is a player who understands how to use space to create opportunity, handles the ball under pressure and is a more accurate shooter. Players field awareness, stick skills, toughness and creativity are now at an all time high.


What equipment should I have and or bring?

Any of you that are familiar with the box game know that some of the equipment worn in box is a little different from field gear. (ie. Helmet, Kidney Pad, Bicep Pad) It is not mandatory or asked that you go out an buy new equipment for your son. We are asking that your boys continue to wear their field gear. Being the first year we are introducing box lacrosse to the area we do not expect parents to go out and re-outfit your sons right away. If your son does have box gear he is welcome to wear it.

If parents are inclined to do so the only real piece of equipment we would suggest buying, are “Box Rib pads or Kidney Pad and a bicep pad”. If you were only to buy one piece of equipment, buy the Box Rib Pads. Your son does not need a new box helmet to play box lacrosse.



Q: My son plays goalie in field, is he going to get any better playing box and should he bring his goalie equipment?
A: Yes, your son is going to get better playing box. The answer is two fold. One, this is a great opportunity to see not only the game but the ball from a new angle. Playing in a 4×4 goal angles are everything. This translates very well to outdoor. Second, this is also a great opportunity for your son to step out of goal, play the field and improve on his stick skills. Remember that we are going to have 5 field days. Goalies will get plenty of work. Your sons field goalie equipment should be worn on field days.

Q: Does my son who plays goalie need to buy Box Lacrosse goalie gear?
A: No, your son can wear his regular field equipment. If you would like to invest in box goalie pads you may.

Q: My son plays defense, can he use his long pole on box days?
A: No, during box days players must all use short sticks. Box is played 5v5 and all players use short sticks.

Q: If my son plays Defense and cannot use his long stick on box days how is that going to make him better for field lacrosse?
A: Footwork, field awareness, stick skills, ground balls, learning to play through picks. It is great for defenseman to put down the long pole and pick up a shorty. Defenseman leave tougher, more agile and learn how to protect their stick in tight confines. Not convinced? Just ask Brodie Merrill and Kyle Hartzell. Brodie is without question the best defenseman in the world. Brodie is a Canadian Born box players who came to the states and has dominated the field with a long pole. Hartzell a coach here at Rogue, became a prolific scorer with his long pole in the MLL after playing box for several years.


Box Lacrosse and Field Lacrosse Highlights of Brodie Merrill and Kyle Hartzell:

Brodie Merrill: Highlights

Kyle Hartzell: Highlights

NLL Highlights: Box Lacrosse

Rules, Description and Terms of Box Lacrosse




Cancellation Policy

We all have events that occur that may prevent a player from attending a camp or clinic. A full camp/clinic credit will be offered if a written/email notice is received within 7 days prior to the start of the player’s camp/clinic. If the player cancels, in writing/email, with less than 7 days before the start, regardless of the reason, a credit will be issued for 50% of the total amount paid. Cancellation made in writing/email within 3 days before a camp or clinic will result in a full forfeiture of funds paid and no credit will be issued. Rogue credits are to be used by the player or are transferable to another immediate family member and are good for one year from the date issued. No credit or refunds will be offered for players after the start of camp/clinic or for players who arrive late or leave early. PHONE calls or text messages are NOT ACCEPTED as notices of withdrawal from a camp or clinic.

No Cash refunds are offered for any Rogue programs.

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