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Within one month of starting Rogue, my son’s skills have improved tremendously. The personalized attention to training and detailed feedback provided immediate results and it shows on the field.

The Saratoga area has finally gotten the much needed coaching that was missing for a long time. The coaches and staffs devotion, passion and skills for the game really comes through to the kids. It’s great to see our local programs benefiting from the best.

Rogue Parent

Coach Porcell does an outstanding job teaching the game. He teaches skills, relates well to the boys. He encourages them, and gives them specific feedback to work on during drills and at home. He expects them to work hard each session.

The variety of drills and skill work is a strength of what Josh and his coaches do. Kids are active at all times with little down time. Drills provided are fun, challenging, game situational and competitive.

My son has participated in the program for a number of years and I credit Josh and his coaches with his success. My son respects Josh and all of his coaches. Josh has grown Rogue the right way and communicates with parents regularly.

Coaches expect the kids to work hard. However, they encourage the boys, recognize their effort, learned their names (huge!)

They are the best program in the capital district! We attend all that we can.

The coaching at Rogue was second to none. The technical advice and training my son Alex received from Kyle Hartzell elevated his defensive cover skills to where he was considered one of the better #1 cover close defenders in the MIAA A Conference as a sophomore. Having one of the best hybrid LSM/close defenders in the pro ranks, who also happens to be a great teacher and motivator, coach your son, was truly a blessing. Alex is verbally committed to play for Notre Dame for Gerry Byrne, who’s widely considered the best defensive coordinator in the collegiate ranks.

Rogue coaches bring knowledge and skills beyond other (local) programs we have participated in.

Rogue is far above the competition.

Directly from my son: The coaches are fun, they teach me a lot and treat me well. From his mom, if my son is happy and challenged, then it is a worthwhile investment.

I think the experience the coaches have is far superior to that of other programs we have joined.

After experiencing many camps and local programs, Rogue’s approach to coaching far outpaces the others. The level of instruction, structure of the clinics and multi-faceted service model only exists at Rogue.

The coaching at Rogue was not just technical but they reinforced what was learned when it came to game time. Specific coaching was shared when kids came out of a game and what they could have done differently and what was done well.

Rogue teaches the fundamentals of the game first. Other programs that we have been in spend more time on teaching sets at an early age. I believe that time is better served teaching skills and doing less scrimmaging.

The program is instructional but drills are competitive and players challenge themselves. There is no standing in lines. Players get better!

That the program is serious about improving the players but they also make it fun for the kids so they are learning things and they don’t even realize it until they get out on the field. You can also tell that the coaches love to play.

On the Rogue teams the demographic area represented was fairly diverse. This is great for the boys as they will see each other in scholastic play and have a built in respect for their Rogue teammates who later become opposition. The diversity is also great because there is not a feeling that preference is given to any school affinity.

Jack has played for a variety of teams in the area and felt that Rogue provided him with great coaching, an opportunity to play, and he had a lot of fun.

In addition to a wealth of knowledge, and collegiate and professional experience, the Rogue coaching staff brings a positive attitude to the game. Players are always treated with respect and encouraged to excel beyond their individual talents. They play as a team and they to have fun!

I believe that my son’s participation in several Rogue programs has enabled him to gain the skills, fitness level and confidence to take him to the next level of lax. Thanks Josh!

Josh, it is obvious that you and your staff are committed to the sport and to the children in our area. Thank you!!!

The Rogue coaches were very helpful and very knowledgeable and eager to improve our skills.

My son switched from baseball to lacrosse last February. He started with Rogue at the Dome. Thanks to Josh and Company he has come a long way and is now one of the top 6th graders in his school.

My child came out a better player after his first rogue camp. The experience changed the way he played the game.

Dear Josh, I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity you and your colleagues gave me from working with you over the past few months. Since I started the experience of Rogue I could tell the change in my lacrosse skills and more importantly my outlook on life. You guys gave me the chance to look at all the opportunity that could come to me if I put my mind to it. It showed me that if I push myself on and off of the lacrosse field how much I can benefit. Plus the fact that if I`m not trying my hardest at any point of the day I am cheating no one but myself. I feel like this new mindset created from working with you guys and listening to your experiences will benefit me greatly not only on the lacrosse field but in life for years to come. So thank you again for this truly life changing opportunity.

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