New York Atlas Positional and Sixes Camp

July 22-25, 2024

Held at Siena College

New York Atlas Summer Sixes League

Grades 3-12. North and South Locations

Sundays, Begins August 11

Sniper School

Boys and Girls

Grades 3-12

Goalie School

Boys and Girls

Grades 3-7

Full Team Training

Team Consulting by Josh Porcell, former pro player and college coach. Get position-specific training, help with team concepts, practice planning, coaching clinics, and team building.

Go Rogue

Separate yourself from the rest and go Rogue. The Rogue experience is about giving each individual the skills, guidance and confidence to play as part of a team while defining yourself as a player. Rogue Lacrosse Camps are instructed by current collegiate coaches and professional players. Rogue teaches its players to apply hi-character qualities to conquer their opponents in the game and to overcome obstacles in life. The professional staff at Rogue will show players how to get there. At Rogue, we are coaches but most of all we are players with professional experience.

Past Training & Leagues

Get an idea of what we've held recently and what you can expect to see in the near future